Health Sharing Programs

Health sharing programs, also called share plans, are not technically health insurance, but rather a membership. A share program is a group of people who band together to help pay for each other’s medical bills. Typically, these programs require their members to agree to certain lifestyle attestations, including having a certain religious affiliation, no tobacco use, commitment to living a healthy lifestyle, etc. 

Most share programs will cover pregnancy and pre-existing conditions, but only after the member has been a part of the program for a specific amount of time (usually at least one year). Even after the time requirement has been met, the amount the program will share for these expenses is often limited. 

You can join a health sharing program anytime of the year and do not need to wait for a specific enrollment period. The people who join a share plan often do so because they are fairly healthy and they do not receive any Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) / subsidy from the Marketplace. 

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